Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Aurora's Story

Aurora Jessanie Langlois

Born: August 5th, 2004

Condition: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Double Outlet Right Ventricle

Surgeries: Norwood Procedure (Post Glenn)

Location: Tucson Arizona, (University Medical Center)

Surgeon: Dr. Copeland

Cardiologist: University Medical Center Cardiologist Team

We found out at 26 weeks gestation that aurora had a problem with her heart. The doctors explained that she has a disease called HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). We didn't know what to do, but we wanted to give her a chance to live. We had her on august 5th of 2004, and she was whisked off to the PICU as soon as she came out. After many tests and a couple of weeks, the doctors decided to allow us to take her home. she as home not even a whole week before we had to bring her back, and she was rushed into her first open heart surgery. This was the first in three stages of the Norwood Procedure. This procedure will bypass the malformed left side of her heart, and make it so that her body and her lungs get the correct amount of blood without overworking her precious heart. She took one month to recover from this surgery and we took her home for about 6 months or so. Then we had a heart cath, and she was taken in soon after for the Glenn procedure. This she recovered from and we took her home in 5 days.

Now she is awaiting the Fontan, which should finish up her surgeries for the next 30 years. (this is the doctors estimate) she will at some point require a heart transplant, and I just hope that she survives and enjoys her life to the fullest. At this time, I'm her father; I have left her mother due to issues involving abuse and am fighting to get custody of her. I know this kind of stress can't be good for her, but I hope I’m doing the best thing for her in the long run. Her Fontan should be happening sometime this year, hopefully after she turns 2. She's a beautiful sweet girl, and to look at her, you can't tell there is anything wrong. I notice the blueness around the eyes, and the mouth and the slight clubbing on the fingers, and blueness on the fingers and toes, but to the untrained eye she looks and acts like any normal girl. She is the sweetest most loving and strongest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and god willing, this disease wont stop her from living a full and happy life.

Jason Langlois (Aurora's Dad)

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